How to run a proof of concept

When seeking out new tools to aid your testing I strongly believe in doing a proof of concept. It needn’t be anything heavy weight. In fact, the more concise the better. What is a proof of concept? I use the term “proof of concept” to describe the process of evaluating a tool (or service) for

Data Geek

I’m a big fan of gathering metrics about my own activities. It allows me to look at trends and patterns about my own behavior either for self-improvement, or to simply understand more about the things I may have often taken for granted. I’ve also found tracking my Testing activities and some of the metrics that

Rapid Reporting

After meeting Shmuel Gershon, probably the most energetic and enthusiastic tester on the Planet, at EuroSTAR 2010, I was introduced to a man of many talents. Not only does he like to read, write and talk about testing but he’s also adding back to the community in other ways with probably the most useful tool

What does the future hold?

  One of the most amazing things about working in the technology and software world is that this industry advances so fast that I have no real idea what software/technology I’ll be testing on and writing about in 10 years time.   10 years ago I hadn’t really heard of cloud computing, now I’m testing

Tool Time Part 1

I’ve tended to keep this blog more distanced from my day to day testing but this in itself has drawn some comments that I don’t talk about day to day “testing”. Well, I’ll hopefully address that with the following few posts about some of the tools and processes I use when testing. Most of my