Communication. Signs. Symbols.

I’ve studied communications for years now but today was the first time I encountered the video from that I’ve included in this post. Which is a shame because it’s fantastic. At the same time I’m glad I’ve stumbled across this video now so that I can share it with those who are interested. Communication

The Peltzman Effect

I find The Peltzman Effect incredibly interesting from a Testing point of view.   “The Peltzman effect is the hypothesized tendency of people to react to a safety regulation by increasing other risky behavior, offsetting some or all of the benefit of the regulation” (Wikipedia)   I find it interesting because I wonder whether we see this

Mastering Testing

  In the Testing world, as in any other domain, there are those who are passionate about their work, those who go to work to get paid and those who just don’t care (and a number of people at varying points on this extreme sliding scale). Scarily I see a significant number of people looking

Do you need more than a certification?

I received quite a few messages and comments about my future of software testing post and for those that took the time to respond, thank you. But one that intrigued me was an email from an anonymous tester. It wasn’t negative, nor positive, but instead extolled the virtues of certification and how certification schemes will

We need more browser versions….

One of the big challenges for anyone working on web based projects is the age old challenge of browser compatibility. The number of browsers supported typically depends on a number of factors; your strategy as a business, your customer base (i.e. what browsers they are using) and your required use of the browser (do you

Change Agent

I was re-reading my old blogs from a few years back and realised that my views have changed a lot since then. In fact, when I look back to several years ago I realise my views have dramatically changed. I’ve shifted my thoughts and ideas by a significant distance. The reason for these changes are

The Impossible Job

The Impossible Job   I’ve been recruiting recently and whilst researching the typical job ads and roles available here in the UK for style and content I noticed a worrying trend. Well, to be honest I noticed several worrying trends but don’t get me started on why certification should NOT appear as the number 1

60 Day Proof

Everytime you write something down think about making that writing 60 day proof.   The 60 day proof concept goes something like this:   “If I were to re-read what I wrote in 60 days time, would I know what it meant and would it still make sense?”   I’ve spent the last few years

Disturb the peace

I subscribe to a very excellent blog called “Manage Your Writing“. And today’s absolute gem of a post included a quote which hit home with me. The quote could almost have been written for testers.   In her book Leadership and the New Science, Margaret J. Wheatley wrote: For a system to remain alive, for the