Enthusiasm is catching

Have you ever noticed how you suddeny become fired up when working/training/observing someone whose enthusiastic about their topic or subject of interest? Even if you don’t enjoy the subject, their enthusiasm still rubs off on you. You feel fired up to get out and do something you enjoy. You feel motivated. This last weekend I

Pair Programming and Pair Testing

Our programmers here at iMeta now wax lyrical about pair programming and it’s easy to see why. The quality of code coming through to the test team now is exceptional. There’s very few fix-fail episodes and the programmers seem over the moon with how great pair programming is fairing. Sure, there were teething issues and

Stubborn Cat

There’s a cat down the road from me who is so stubborn it’s untrue. He refuses to budge – literally. He saunters out to the middle of the road and sits there with his smug little smile taunting drivers and cyclists. He refuses to move out of the way and it’s not uncommon to have