We need some big ideas

I’ve come to realise recently that the way to fine tune an idea or theory is to share it with the wider testing community. I shared an idea I had at The Software Testing Club meetup in Oxford and I got lots of feedback. I have re-evaluated that idea since and fine tuned it. I

Rapid Acclimatisation Process

I saw the term “rapid acclimatisation process” for the first time in a blog I follow. The term struck an instant chord with me. In the blog, the author Jan Chipchase is describing the initial period of time when he lands in a new town or city. He spends that time acclimatising to the new

I’m confused….crowdsourcing

I may well be opening a can of worms with this blog but I am genuinely interested to see what people think about crowdsourcing and in particular services like uTest.   I’ve read some glowing reports about uTest and heard nothing negative – which is unusual in our community. We often see past the gloss