Enthusiasm is catching

Have you ever noticed how you suddeny become fired up when working/training/observing someone whose enthusiastic about their topic or subject of interest? Even if you don’t enjoy the subject, their enthusiasm still rubs off on you. You feel fired up to get out and do something you enjoy. You feel motivated.

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Probably the greatest car show on Earth. It really was awesome.


I got to see Sir Jackie Stewart, Richard Attwood, Nico Rosberg and many others all being interviewed as well as discussions and chit chat over the show radio and there was one major linking factor (other than cars) : Enthusiasm. Bags of it.

Passion, enthusiasm, desire, drive, attitude, engagement…whatever you want to call it. They all had barrel loads of it. Just like the many people in our testing community who live, breathe, talk, write and banter about software testing. It’s what floats their boat. And their enthusiasm is catching.


So if you’re new to the game of software testing or you want your spark re-igniting then I’d suggest you seek out some of these passionate and enthusiastic testers and soak in as much as you can from them. Their enthusiasm will rub off on you. You’ll feel motivated.

And if you are in the UK in July 2011 and have an interest in motorsport then I’d suggest you seek out a ticket for the Goodwood Festival of Speed – I’ll see you there 🙂

And by the way. I think I’ve found “The Social Tester Transporter”……..



More photos here: http://britainsroadsrevealed.posterous.com/

2 thoughts on “Enthusiasm is catching

  1. Enthusiasm is needed for sure. Some people loose enthusiasm because in some environments too much of it causes conflict. You can see that in calmer environments where people are not very agitated, enthusiasm seems to lack. But where is too much there is also hate triggering or other unpleasant stuff.For example how would you feel if you find a category or group of people that you normally dislike being very enthusiastic, maybe a little annoying?

  2. Hi Eusebiu,Thanks for commenting. Agreed that sometimes people become very annoying with their enthusiasm, especially when, in my opinion, it can be misplaced 🙂 I’m worrying whether that’s me now….CheersRob..

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