Goal Setting towards agile

Goal Setting towards agile “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going, because you might not get there” Yogi Berra Everytime I get asked how to implement agile in a team I ask a simple clarifying question back. “Why?” The answer to this question is often not very forthcoming.

How to use rejection to move forward

I’ll never forget the sadness that was conveyed in Cheryll’s words as she politely, but carefully, rejected what would be my very last submission to a popular testing magazine. Me and Cheryll had history. I’d submitted 10 articles to the magazine, and 10 times she had sent me the rejection email. It wasn’t her rejected

Two Perspectives on Work Habits

Two Perspectives on Work Habits Or: What we Can Learn from Understanding the Differences Between How We See Ourselves and How Others See Us This is a guest post by Melisa Collett, one of our Agile Coaches here at NewVoiceMedia. You can find Melisa on Twitter. Recently, a colleague sent round a link to an