Hi, my name is Rob Lambert and I’d like to welcome you to the world of The Social Tester. This website is all about Software Testing, how to thrive in this fabulous career and how to think differently to the masses of testers out there.

In other words. This is a site for those that want to stand out for the right reasons and thrive in their careers as Software Testers.

Thrive Testers. Thrive. You deserve it.

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Take a look around on the site to find lots of articles and ideas on excelling in your career as a Software Tester, as well as plenty of books and resources.

I spent 15 years as a tester building amazing agile teams and products, and now I help other companies with their management and agile implementations. I helped to form, grow and develop an amazing Tech team in the Cloud Contact Centre space, taking the team from 7 people to 100+ across the UK and Poland, before moving sideways in to HR.

The company was acquired recently which closed and completed the circuit and showed how it was possible, by putting testing at the centre of the agile process, to release agility and build a Tech team/company others wanted to buy.

The Tester Types

I may be best known for creating The Tester Types – you know, those Avatars that you see so many testers using as stickers and profile photos. I’m super proud of that.

Cultivating Managers the world over

Find out more about me and what I’m up to now over on my main site dedicated to helping managers release agility –> Cultivated Management.

Books and other goodies

You can find all resources and books here on my resources page. Plenty of goodies to get your going in your testing career.

With thanks and gratitude.


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