Your browser is used by less than 2% of our users

I’m a big fan of the mind mapping tool Mindmup and logged in today using the Opera browser.

Here’s what I saw:

Image of the Browser support message
Image of the Browser support message


This is an excellent approach to communicating about the limitations and restrictions around testing – you wouldn’t expect any less from Gojko (one of the guys behind mindmup).

It’s a great way of setting expectations but without limiting the choices made by the end users. I can still choose to continue using Opera, or I can switch to one of the other stated browsers. I have a choice – but I also know it might not perform as the developers expected.

For many companies it’s often tricky just saying “no” to supporting the mass of different browsers now available so they try to test them all. Using web analytics and analysis it’s now possible for many web companies to work out what their customers do actually use (and how many people use it), and then test against those.

Nice approach.