It works on my machine

Ever heard anyone say “it works on my machine” – well not you can buy them the t-shirt

I’m proud to announce a new range of merchandise from The Social Tester.

I’m promoting my new online store at Zazzle.

My first design, available in two flavors, is the classic “Works on my machine”. With the alternative “Doesn’t work on my machine”.

Each month I’m hoping to put a new design online.

The service I’m using, Zazzle, print these tees on demand and so far I’m impressed with the quality of the goods.

Here’s yours truly modelling one of the early versions of this design bought from Zazzle.*

Works on my machine - t-shirt
Works on my machine – t-shirt

It’s a good quality tee and the design looks good on it.

Why not head on over to the store and buy your friendly developer a “Works on my machine” tee and a “Doesn’t work on my machine” one for yourself.

You can get the designs on caps and baby grows also!

I’ve sold a few of these already (the design has been online for some time) and the feedback has been positive about the quality, delivery and design – thank you to all who have bought from the store.

Here’s the online store –


* This design has evolved since the t-shirt I’m wearing was bought. The store design is the latest and final design of this tee-shirt. More designs are on the way 🙂