Winchywood, Testing and Oscars

I’ve been a bit busy of late. No, not because I’ve just had a new baby boy, although this parenting thing is a lot harder than I remember it being – guess I’m getting old. He is three weeks old as I write this and very cute (many say he takes after his dad 🙂 ).

And not because I have started a new job in the last two weeks also; although jumping straight in with both feet to cloud based Saas call centre stuff is taxing, challenging and a massive amount of fun.

But because I have been on location around the world filming my Eurostar VideoStar submission. The film (embedded in this blog) took me to such glittering locations as Paris, Hollywood, Bondi Beach, Cape Town, Moscow, London and Barcelona. I got to work with some of the world greatest film directors, art directors, studios and casting crews. It’s been a blast. It really has. We (a team of 100 strong) believe the finished video is a sure fire Oscar contender…

Sorry – I was busy writing my press release for when I’m a famous actor then..I digress…back to the point.

The Eurostar Videostar entry you see here took me to the stunning locations of my garage (the only place I could film the tiny introduction without a baby crying in the background) and my home study (where I surfed for licence free Flickr images, did the editing and then uploaded the masterpiece at goodness knows what hour whilst burping a small baby) in the ever glamorous and rainy Winchester, UK or Winchywood as it will become known when the Oscar people find out about me.

No matter what though, I had a go and it was fun. It was a little bit of creativity.

Nice idea by Kevin and the gang at Eurostar. I especially love Pradeep’s, Anne-Marie’s and Mike Scott’s. I also really like what Thorkil Sonne and Sean Grove will be talking about, fascinating topics for me. They are all great though and loads of luck to all who entered.

Anyway if you’d like to vote for any of the videos to give the creator a chance for a speaking slot at Eurostar then head on over to the Eurostar Videostar page and submit your vote.

P.S – Ignore the “part 2” on the opening screen. There were two videos and this one was part 2, but in the end I ditched the original part 1. 🙂 So this is actually part 1.


4 thoughts to “Winchywood, Testing and Oscars”

  1. Hi Rob,This is one of my favourite entries indeed. Just voted for you. Very very thought provoking!Good Luck,Parimala Shankaraiah

  2. Hi Rob, Yes, I really liked your submission, very clever and very well done. As for Hollywood, you can’t go, there are too many great American testers and not enough UK ones, so you will have to settle for sunny England. Good Luck.

  3. Hi Anne-Marie,Thanks for the kind words…I loved your video….good luck with the competition. Although looking at the stats of votes it seems there is going to be one clear winner :)Rob..

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