What could be wrong with the old way?

Here are my slides from my talk at Step_Auto in Banglore last week.

When I wrote the presentation I was working to the topic of requirements in an agile environment so there is obviously an agile slant.

Yet the talk became more about testing in an old and new way. It became a talk about feedback loops. It became a talk about why we shouldn’t leave testing until the end. It became a talk about why we need to rethink how we test.

Not necessarily Waterfall versus Agile, but an old way of working and some new thinking. It’s about challenging the heavily scripted, metric heavy way of working and instead, focussing on adaptability, change, productivity but more importantly, the human mind. It’s about releasing ourselves from the bounds of metrics and tool restriction. It’s about choosing to communicate with the people that matter using the right medium. It’s about making our feedback loops as small as possible.

Of course, the slides on their own might not convey all the meaning, but that’s the point, they accompany the talk instead.

[Slides removed since publication]