We made a recruitment video!!

We’re undergoing a rapid growth here at NewVoiceMedia as we strive to expand our development team to cater for our growing roadmaps and customer growth. As such we’ve been working hard trying to articulate a little more about what it’s like to work here.

We spent a day a few months back with a camera man pointing his digital camera at us throughout various times of the day. It was actually really good to see the final version as I think it’s a good reflection of the kind of company we are. There’s always a worry that the video will be too hyped up or too distant from reality, but the film crew did a great job.

Don’t forget, if you’re a developer or developer in test and you want to come and work for us, then drop me an email or apply online.

P.S – For those that seem to be interested – I am only briefly in the video as the camera pans past one of our stand-ups…