Turned out in force

To see new features in your software being launched at a trade fair is fantastic. Especially when its one you’ve worked on. It’s a great pleasure to see it being used by people and to see their reactions to it. To garner some feedback. To get validation that the work you do is leading to something.

And that’s exactly what we (the team) did yesterday at Cloudforce London.We were out in force. See what I did there? Force…

To see the crowds response to a cool bit of software is great and it’s something I would recommend each and every one us seeks out this opportunity.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to see other vendors too and to see what they are doing, how they are launching ideas and how they are engaging their customer base.

I can’t help but wonder why more testers don’t attend more product releases or trade shows. It really is a great way of getting feedback, chatting to customers (and potential customers) and seeing what’s trending in your industry.

Yesterday, I was at Cloudforce (A Salesforce roadshow in London) to see some cracking Keynotes, vendor stories and the product build up/release of “chatter” (a chat/collaboration system within SalesForce) and also to reveal our own dynamic call routing based on values from Salesforce. It’s pretty neat stuff and the feedback was great. Routing telephone calls based on data in Salesforce…over the cloud….this is good stuff indeed. And a hoot to test it. Imagine the test scenarios 🙂

And at shows like this it gives the whole team the opportunity to experience the fruits of all their hard labour.

Yet I should take this opportunity to thank our “main man” Atif for bringing Dynamic Routing together and to wish him all the best for his final year at Imperial College London.


Atif and Mark Dunn

Yep – that’s the crazy thing; he’s a placement student and he’s now seen something he built (pretty much on his own) being launched and praised by customers. In the last 6 months he’s built a selenium test framework too, which is awesome and now enables us testers to write more/faster automation using it.

The cool thing is though that Atif wrote the dynamic routing with test automation in mind. And with automation in mind it meant he wrote the code to be testable. And testable code is naturally good quality. We’ve tried really hard but have found nothing of note in the way of bugs. And there’s already a host of unit and integration tests running nightly which he himself wrote.

This guy’s got a bright future indeed.


And if you get the opportunity to get along to a trade show or product release or sales show then jump at it – it’s an eye opener.


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  1. I’d like to echo all you’ve said Rob – this guy is a delightful yuong man, who has a great career ahead of him. It would be great if it was with NewVoiceMedia!

  2. Hi Jeremy,Thanks for the comment. No doubt we’ve made a lasting impression on him :)Rob..

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