The Tester Types – Friday Fun

Seeing the feed coming through on Twitter about Test Bash has got me all nostalgic for those good times I had working with Rosie and team behind the scenes at The Software Testing Club, over the last couple of years. It was a blast while it lasted and we created some amazing content for the community.

I’m proud of a lot of the content we created but it was the Tester Types that I enjoyed the most. In actual fact the Tester Types that kick started mine and Rosie’s working relationship. Such fun.

During that time a friend of mine, Richard Ellis, created a short but wickedly sweet video of The Tester Types which I’ve included below.

This years Test Bash appears to be a resounding success (if the Twitter feed is anything to go by). Great stuff – a testing conference the UK has desperately needed and can be proud of.


2 thoughts on “The Tester Types – Friday Fun

  1. Great fun – and a great reminder about how far the STC has come, many thanks for the work you put in helping it grow

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