The Paradox of Choice

During my Agile Testing Days presentation I suggested that taking away lots of process and leaving the team players to make all decisions can be as restrictive to creativity as defining every little process, due to the fact the team will suffer “option paralysis”.


That is when the team has so many choices that they make none, or the one they do make makes them feel disatisfied and longing for making a different decision. The first time I encountered the idea was in the excellent book : The Paradox of Choice.


Here’s the author Barry Schwartz at Ted Talks.:



For testers we are often faced with a dizzying array of test combinations. Our products are often stuffed with countless features few people will use and our day to day lives are becoming confusing through a multiple choice of directions and things to do. Maybe it’s time to stepo back, break things down in to small chunks and tackle one thing at a time? Maybe.