The e-Voting Challenge

I watched this fascinating Ted Talk the other day from David Bismark on how to create an e-voting system without fraud. Having spent a few years working in the online democracy industry I found the talk quite challenging. As a tester I instantly thought of many questions regarding some of the statements made by David. His talk was important though, because we need to discuss e-Voting with a wider audience, in a public domain. It needs to be challenged, talked about, thought about and worked on. (well…that’s my view on it anyway)


So here’s a challenge for you, if you’re up for it?

If you have the time give the video a watch. It’s about 7 minutes long. Then make a note of some of the questions you would ask if you were tasked with testing this implementation/idea. What about some of the claims made? What about the audience of the system? What about the purpose?


As there would be countless questions you would want to ask to both the business and of the software (i.e. tests) I suggest you time box your questions to a few minutes, maybe 5. Then feel free to share your thoughts via comments on this blog, or your own blog or maybe a forum post on The Software Testing Club 🙂

Here’s the video:


I use this challenge quite a lot when mentoring. I use a variety of videos/talks and ask people to explore how they would test the product / idea, why they would test and what they would test. It’s a great way of finding our more about test thinking, lateral thinking, creative thinking, bias and cultural motivations/cultivations.


To give you some food for thought, why not try using the Phoenix Checklist (A CIA operative derived list of questions to solve problems)? I try to guide my initial test thinking by this checklist – maybe it will work for you. Maybe it wont.


No matter what you use or how you approach it – it would be good to hear how you got on. Don’t feel like you need to share your thoughts though, but everyone has a different take and bringing these together will no doubt help to share new ideas and concepts.


So, in summary

Watch the video

Spend some time (about 5 mins) writing down your thoughts and questions and maybe some potential test ideas.

Share your thinking (if you want)

Have some fun (because if it’s not fun….why do it?)