Thanks for the information, I’ll make up my own mind though

As a tester it’s important to thank people for any information and advice on how to test, where to test and what to test but then make up your own mind as to what to do.

This is true whether it’s a specification, an email, a conversation, a user story or any other form of information.┬áTesting is often one of those activities that everyone believes they can do, and do well. It’s not hard to test…right?

We are professional skeptics. It doesn’t mean we are skeptical of just the software, but everything else that is provided along the development and usage of the system. That means user guides, marketing briefs, claims, advertising and anything else. The only really accurate information about what the product should do is gained from working out what the system actually does. (i.e. testing)

As professional skeptics we need to make up our own minds and come to our own conclusions. That should be done using any supporting material we can, but ultimately from our own information, decisions and activities.