Testing is bigger than just testing

Testers have a main expertise in software testing.

Some testers could even have a more focused area of expertise such as usability, performance, security or exploratory testing.

When recruiting testers, you’re more than likely looking for one of these testers who has a core expertise in testing. Sounds logical.

But this is just an expertise and developing software requires more than just an expertise in testing; it requires doing what’s needed to ship software as a team.

Shipping software results in the company achieving its goals; most typically something to do with money. Ship stuff – get paid – keep the business going.

Shipping software often requires testers to step outside of traditional roles associated with testing, or to evolve what testing “is” so dramatically, that at first it may not appear to be testing.

The same is true of scrum masters, developers and anyone else building software.

So when hiring testers it’s important to hire testers who know their role within the company is more than testing; their role is to help the company ship good quality software and sometimes this means doing something that might not be testing.

In my experience all good testers are happy to evolve their skills to meet market changes and sometimes wear many hats within the business. Testing is increasingly becoming an activity done by everyone and is no longer just a phase done by people with the job title of “tester”.

Interviewing for this outlook and flexible thinking is harder than it may first seem, but it is possible.

If you want to ship good software frequently then it’s important to find people who can support this vision by being solid members of a team.

Team-work is all about the end goal and not just about the individual job title, main responsibilities or specialism.

2 thoughts on “Testing is bigger than just testing

  1. Unfortunately – in some parts the testing community – Tech side takes over,
    for instance – around here – in Telecom arena
    I see too many testers who learns all the latest Tech stuff related to Telecom & Networking,
    but many of these (even Team Leaders) have never attended any testing course,
    they are not reading testing blogs and not active in forums.

    A good balance should be maintained in both aspects of our occupation.

    @halperinko – Kobi Halperin

    1. Absolutely – balance is key. Too much tech can lead to an narrow vision of what can be improved.

      Thanks for commenting


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