Test Data or Shady Re-Ordering Technique?

I don’t normally post these types of blog where I include a screen shot of an error I’ve found in the wild on someone else’s site. There’s plenty of others doing that and with great effect. But this one really made me think.

On the Hampshire Library Search page there appears to be either:

  • Left over test data


  • A lazy data ordering technique where everything no longer needed is prefixed with a Z to shift it to the end of the list. (why not delete it?)



Sadly though, some languages seem to have been discontinued (do the people who speak them know?) yet have double entries making the list somewhat confusing. To make matters worse the search form itself didn’t appear to work. When searching for books in Winchester I get books from everywhere but Winchester. It’s a reverse search feature.

How many of us go through the software once it’s released to the wild? Would we have drilled down this low and spotted these issues? Do you think these issues were present in testing?