Change Agent

I was re-reading my old blogs from a few years back and realised that my views have changed a lot since then. In fact, when I look back to several years ago I realise my views have dramatically changed. I’ve shifted my thoughts and ideas by a significant distance. The reason for these changes are

The Impossible Job

The Impossible Job   I’ve been recruiting recently and whilst researching the typical job ads and roles available here in the UK for style and content I noticed a worrying trend. Well, to be honest I noticed several worrying trends but don’t get me started on why certification should NOT appear as the number 1

Disturb the peace

I subscribe to a very excellent blog called “Manage Your Writing“. And today’s absolute gem of a post included a quote which hit home with me. The quote could almost have been written for testers.   In her book Leadership and the New Science, Margaret J. Wheatley wrote: For a system to remain alive, for the

Less is more

As a keen writer and communications fan I spend a lot of time looking at how I (or we) can improve our communication and one of the best techniques is to remove the bits of communication that people skip.   In the world of writing this means removing the sentences, words or entire chapters that