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Don’t let anyone hold you back

I’ll never forget the sadness that was conveyed in Cheryll’s words as she politely, but carefully, rejected what would be my very last submission to a popular testing magazine. Me and Cheryll had history. I’d submitted 10 articles to the magazine, and 10 times she had sent me the rejection email.

It wasn’t her rejected me, it was the editor, but she knew my pain. She was the messenger.

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FAILURE IS AN OPTION….. #testing #softwaretesting #qa

You’ve failed. I’ve failed. We’ve all failed. There’s no doubt about it. At some time or another everyone has failed at something. 

It’s what we do in the face of failure that shows who we really are. So don’t fear failure.

What better way to pick yourself up from failure than to read about other peoples failures.

I therefore introduce you to Mr Fails, The latest creation by The Cartoon Tester (Andy Glover) (Twitter address here). Published through The Software Testing Club.


eBook can be downloaded from here : http://bit.ly/mrfails


A Tester’s for life….not just for Christmas – The release #testing #testingclub

It’s here. The long awaited charity eBook written by you. http://bit.ly/fTrJ9z


A few weeks back we asked you to fill in a form with answers to various test related questions. The ebook can be downloaded from here 


We do hope you enjoy it. We will be putting out all responses we received some time over the next few weeks as there were far too many to include in the ebook. A big thank you to all who took part.


If you are able and feel inclined then please do help us to raise our modest target of raising £250 for Oxfam this Christmas time. www.justgiving.com/testingclub – After all, that’s what spurned on the creation of this eBook in the first place.


We’ve got a few more special treats coming out over the next few weeks in the lead up to Christmas too, so keep checking the official Testing Club blog : http://blog.softwaretestingclub.com or you can follow us on Twitter @testingclub