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Some more videos of Stuart Reid’s Keynote at Agile Testing Days. The most anticipated talk of the day…controversial talk, but not enough time left for questions……

Not sure about the sound quality (as not had chance to listen back yet), let me know if it’s really bad.

Not the whole talk, but snippets of stuff. Some interesting statements.


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6 thoughts to “Stuart Reid > KeyNote > Agile Testing Days – More video snippets #agiletd”

  1. #agiletd Thanks for the videos Rob, really good to get a taster of some of the presentations.Good job!This was an interesting topic – and raises lots of different questions in my head.Who is it that are asking for certifications, what are their expectations on them and what are they prepared to pay for them? Figuring out some solutions to those questions is an “agile” approach to the problem!A couple of reflections on the last video… “Best solutions?” – hmmIf my principles force me to stick my head in the sand, so that I can say “I told you so” later, then it’s time to change my principles – this is a general issue that affects (infects) many industries and workplaces.Are people at conferences the perfect people to come up with alternatives or solutions to the certification issue? Not sure I agree with that – what if you have a bunch of eejits in the audience 🙂 – just wondering… “Certified by eejits” – ah, maybe I’ve got a rival to your “Testing Awesomeness Guru” now!

  2. Hi Simon,Certified by eejits – I like it. I think the crowd at ATD were spectacularly placed to come up with an alternative and in a sense they did. There was a movement of self certification and in fact, most of them are coming up with alternatives based mainly around self learning and craftsmanship. Sadly though, this business model of craftsmanship and self learning is not neccessarily a vast money maker (on a big scale) and is being done by only those passionate about their craft. Thanks for the comment.Rob..

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