Stick it to me

I’m in the process of putting together a fun little eBook consisting of a collection of sticky notes from testers around the globe.


The simple premise is that each sticky note contains a personal response to the following question:


“Why do you enjoy software testing?”

Although the eBook will offer no quantitative measurement of testing prowess, knowledge or skill, it may enlighten us as to what gets testers out of bed in the morning….

And even if it doesn’t do that, at least it will add a little bit of visual testing fun to our testing world.

If you want to take part do the following:

1. Write down your answer to “Why do you enjoy software testing?” on a paper sticky note

(Post-it note or whatever you personally call them – Your answer can be as long or short as you like. If you don’t enjoy testing then let me know that too. One submission per person.

2. Take a photo of it.

3. Email the photo to

4. Wait some time whilst I collect the stickies from people (no deadline yet – I’ll see how it goes).

5. Wait some more time until I find time to put them all in a eBook

6. Watch this blog space for the announcement of where you can download the eBook from

7. Download the eBook. Basque in glory at your post-it note and check out what keeps others motivated.

8. Ping the eBook around to your friends, colleagues and peers.



(I reserve the right to not include your sticky if it is poor quality or offensive, etc

To get things started I’ve included an example.

Please let your friends, colleagues and peers know about this request for stickies. The more the merrier.

9 thoughts to “Stick it to me”

  1. Your idea of collecting sticky note is good. It will be much better if you try to collect real-time sticky notes from Testers’ Desk.

  2. Thanks QTP Tester. Are you in any way affiliated to Tester’s Desk? 🙂

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