State of Testing – A Survey

I’m very optimistic about a new survey that the guys at Tea Time With Testers and QA Intelligence are putting together.

I’ve often wondered why we don’t have more centralized reports about the state of testing and future trends that are somewhat less bias than some of the big vendor reports out there.

If they get enough people responding it could be quite an illuminating report which will hopefully show that the industry is moving in to new advances and changes to meet economic and business demands.

I hope it tells us that. I can keep my fingers crossed.

I’m putting my support behind this survey as I think the results will be interesting. Let’s see how it goes.

At the moment the survey is not live, but you can subscribe to the QA Intelligence blog if you want to keep updated, or if you don’t want to subscribe you could keep an eye on Twitter for updates.

I’ll be sharing the updates (@rob_lambert) and no doubt Joel (@joelmonte) will be also (Joel is the guy behind the QA Intelligence blog).
Note: I am not involved in running the survey, analysing the results and have no affiliation with the survey or any outcomes associated with it – but am willing to support new initiatives like this.