So…what tester are you? The Sage


So…what tester are you?

The Sage
Observed Behaviour : Pipe Smoking, contemplating, meditation
Favourite Phrase : Hmm. Let me tell you a story
Nemesis : Experts and Intellectuals

The Sage is a software tester whose been around the block a few times and survived to tell the tale. They are most likely in the older years of life and probably fought in at least one war. Methodology war that is. The Sage is quiet, reserved and contemplative. They are an expert but are humble about their status. They are an intellectual but not at the expense of others. They never shout and never interrupt. They listen, consider and then respond with wisdom and kindness.

The rest of the office never know the Sage is at work unless they need to speak to them such is their quietness and serenity.

The Sage always has a beard (if male) . They know everyone, everything and have hilarious, yet meaningful stories to tell. But they never force their information on others.

The Sage has always written at least two books.

Images supplied by Rosie Sherry at The Software Testing Club (@rosiesherry)
Content and idea by Rob Lambert.. ( (@rob_lambert)

8 thoughts to “So…what tester are you? The Sage”

  1. Before you get to be a ‘Sage’ (and you don’t need to have written any books to be a Sage) you are probably a “Veteran of the Trenches”. Someone who has been around the testing game for a long time and is still very actively engaged in projects. The only missing ingredient to becoming a Sage for them is the quiet demeanor. Veterans are vocal and willing to give their opinion/experience.

  2. “The Sage always has a beard (if male)” but you didn’t mention the female equivalent, how do we recognise them?

  3. Hi Jim,Thanks for the comments. I like the veteran of the trenches. I’ve seen a few of them before. I’m still not convinced a sage hasn’t written books……I’ve yet to meet one that hasn’t. I’ll hold judgement on that one.Indeed. It is the battle worn, quiet, contemplative demeanor that marks a sage out as special.Rob..

  4. Hi Anne-Marie,The only difference between a male and female sage is the beard. It’s the quiet demeanor, relaxed tone, contemplative pondering and awesome listening skills that marks out a sage. And these traits are the same no matter what gender. :)Thanks for the commentsRob..

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