Second Blog Feed for Idle Thoughts

I’ve got a second blog which will be feeding out to my main Twitter account. It can be found at –

Ok – so why another blog?

Well this is an experiment on two fronts.

Firstly – this blog is connected to my Evernote account. It’s really cool.
When I add a note to a certain notebook and tag it correctly it will be published on here. Consider it an Evernote driven CMS system – it’s really neat.

Secondly – I’m writing another book and as with most book writing there is inevitably a shed load of research to be done, notes to be made and observations to be aired – this is what the blog is for.

Expect to see interesting learning items, questions about software testing (especially about test management) and things that will inform my next book.

The blog posts on it are essentially a stream of consciousness and will be shorter in form than this Social Tester main site.