Scrum Master Training

Last week we had the very clever peeps from Neuri Consulting in to give us a special one day course on being a scrum master.

It was David Evans and Brindusa Gabur that delivered our training, and what a great day it was. We had around 10 people in the course ranging from those with lots of agile experience, those currently in scrum master roles, one of our product owners, those who have expressed an interest and those who’ve done scrum master roles previously.

As it was a mixed bag of experience and expectations we focused heavily on story breakdown and estimation; two areas we’ve yet to master. David and Brindusa targeted their training on these two points whilst also covering a lot of other ground.

We played a couple of games to illustrate points and mis-conceptions that we brought to the games. We also worked through some ideas which we thought were truth or lies regarding the scrum master role. We ran a retrospective of the training which highlighted some interesting points and some good take-aways for the teams to work on.

It was a really good day and I think we all took a lot away from it. From my own point of view I feel we need a more consistent approach across teams, but in reality we’re doing pretty well.

With a little tweaking on how we measure cycle time and more emphasis on quick estimations for the backlog I think we’ll start to see more throughput in terms of stories and features.

What was great to see though was the banter and friendships that have formed here at work. It was a lighthearted affair yet focused and in tune with our core ethos of learning being central to all we do.

The only thing to disappoint us was that we all wanted more. We should have had a two/three day course with the peeps from Neuri as we felt we didn’t cover everything we could have.

The key take-aways from the training seemed to be about having more off-site retrospectives and limiting the retrospectives to a shorter period of time. This gives the retrospectives more focus and the opportunity to move away from problems that are lingering in peoples minds but aren’t actually currently a problem.

Superb course. Best get saving up for the next one 🙂

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