Recruiting for the right talent is time consuming

Recruiting for the right talent is time consuming. Trust me. I spend a huge portion of my day involved in recruitment activities but it’s well worth it for the end result.

Good testers (and programmers/scrum masters etc) are really hard to find and increasingly hard to tempt to your workplace. They are in demand and hence often take extra leg work to get them for an interview – let alone get them on board.

However, over time recruitment becomes easier and quicker, especially if you take recruitment really seriously and work on building a large network and a multi-threaded approach to recruitment (more coming soon). In some instances recruitment can be very quick indeed – but in the early days it’s time consuming.

Or of course you could throw lots of money at a series of recruiters and chance that, but in my experience there is small group of recruiters who are especially good at finding top end testers.

In Johanna Rothman’s excellent book “Hiring Geeks That Fit” she makes the following statement:

“You don’t have to spend gobs of money to find great candidates, but if you don’t, you probably will need to spend time. Remember, potential candidates may not all look in one place to learn about the great job you have open, so you need to use a variety of sourcing techniques to reach them.”

Recruiting is hard work and it is time consuming so as you embark on hiring a team, or a tester, don’t expect it to happen overnight. It can take months before that elusive candidate turns up. Be prepared and don’t start your recruitment campaign days before you need a tester. Start early and be prepared. Or of course, throw gobs of money at the problem.

This is part of a series exploring how to hire good testers – the reverse “how to get a freaking awesome job” is covered in my book Remaining Relevant – a book for testers who want to take control of their careers. It’s full of advice on how to find good jobs, perform well in an interview and take control of your own self learning.

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