Rapid Acclimatisation Process

I saw the term “rapid acclimatisation process” for the first time in a blog I follow. The term struck an instant chord with me. In the blog, the author Jan Chipchase is describing the initial period of time when he lands in a new town or city. He spends that time acclimatising to the new location, the new people, the new society, the new environment and the new time zones. All of these things have an impact on Jan and his work and he uses the term rapid acclimatisation process to describe this.


It intrigued me as I believe the same term can be applied to the first time we see some software as a tester. Or we log on to our brand new test environments. Or our new tool. Or out new defect tracking tool……you get the point.


I always spend an initial time acclimatising to what I am testing, under what contexts and in what environments. Just exploring, learning and acclimatising.


Rapid Acclimatisation Process. It’s got a nice ring to it.


Why not check out Jan’s blog herehttp://www.janchipchase.com/blog/archives/2009/10/


And by the way. We can learn a lot from Jan. His job is to study how people use Nokia phones in their daily lives (or experimental conditions) and then build these findings in to the next generation of phones, probably between 5 and 10 years further down the line. It’s true consumer research. And something testers should try to embrace where possible. i.e. getting stuck in with your end users to find out how they truly use the software, in their environments and under their own specific contexts.


And even if you don’t believe that’s something a tester should do Jan Chipchase’s blog is still a cracking read.