QTrace and Exploratory Testing

I was exploring using QTrace the other day and I liked what I saw. It seems like a really powerful tool for keeping track of what you’re doing on an Exploratory Test session. It’s for Windows only at the moment but hopefully they will release a MAC and Linux client some time soon.

The tool adds a little control panel to the right of the screen. You can then start the recording and choose the area to record. The tool records the screenshots and the mouse clicks as static images, not as a video.

As it’s recording you can also add notes via the tool, although I found it easier to add notes to my digital notebook and then add these notes to the .Doc output file created at the end of the session.

The tool also grabs the browser information which is pretty neat.

Much of the testing we do here at NVM requires phone calls to be made so it’s good that we can add contextual information to the screen recordings, for example “call received”, “call hung up” etc, as no screen recording tool will be able to grab that contextual information.

The example here is from me clicking quickly through this site here.

Session with Notes.1

Session with Notes.2

Session with Notes.3

Session with Notes.4

Session with Notes.5

Session with Notes.7

Session with Notes.8

Session with Notes.9

The only downside to the screenshot export is that the notes are not included, but these are included in the PDF and Word. I was using the screenshot export to grab screens for defect reports and the PDF/word doc for the ET session summary.


It’s also free.