Purdue Creativity Test – #agiletd

As part of my Agile Testing Days presentation I did a quick Purdue creativity test.

I asked each person in the audience to draw the person next to them. They had around 30 seconds to complete the picture.

At the end of the task I asked them to show the person they had drawn the picture and as expected there were lots of “I’m so sorry”, “my drawing ability isn’t great”, “I can’t draw”.

The point of exercises like this are to show how we self edit ourselves and apologise for our creative ideas and output.

And so it’s crucial to ensure we have environments that encourage people to feel safe and relaxed about sharing creative ideas and output. Sometimes these parts of the idea they “self edit” that never get aired are the best solutions, the best ideas, the best output – we may never know. It’s important we get these self edited parts out in the open by providing safe and trusted environment.

I collected some of the drawings from the very talented audience and here they are…in all their glory.

I’d suggest you try exercises like this within your teams. They can be a powerful way of seeing how relaxed and trusting your environments are. They are also a good laugh 🙂