Some useful add-ons for testing

Firefox’s add-ons are proving invaluable to me as a web tester but there are also some awesome tools for improving the efficiency of everyday tasks too. I’ve compiled my favourite Firefox Add-ons here (in no particular order).

Note: IE, Chrome and Opera also have some useful add ons. ( ( (

Selenium IDE

Web automation. Fast becoming an industry standard tool. This is the IDE version. Visit for more information on the RC version and grid.

IE Tab

Flips your Firefox tab in to Internet Explorer mode. Super useful.


Re-sizes your window to preconfigured sizes


Super little screen capture tool.

Fire cookie

The best way of tracking and testing of cookies in your browser.


Social bookmarking. Never lose a site of interest again and share them with the community too. Perfect for bookmarking testing sites, information and snippets.

Clear Cache

Super shortcut for clearing out the cache within the browser.

Copy Plain Text

Tool for copying text in plain text format only. Drops all of the text formatting giving you just the text.

Fiddler Hook

Firefox addon for integrating with fiddler. How can you web test without some sort of HTTP debugging?

Download Status

Embeds your downloads in a toolbar at the bottom of the browser. Keeps it nice and tidy.


Superb tool that allows you to upload your Firefox bookmarks to a central server and then download them to any browser. Perfect for multiple computers; keeps it all in sync.

W3C Page Validator

Check your page against W3C standards and compliance.


Brilliant for mocking up screens.

SQL Injection

Does exactly as the name suggests

Quick Restart

Restarts Firefox maintaining all tabs and open docs


How can you test websites without this one? Inspect your page elements.

Regular Expressions Tester

Useful tool for testing Regular Expressions.

Quick Locale Switcher

Genius tool for quickly switching your browser between locales. Really useful for multi locale sites.

Http Fox

Brilliant tool for tracking the http traffic in your browser.


Accessibility checking tool. Awesome.

Firefox Accessibility Tools

Accessibility checking tool. Combined with TAW3 above you should have some indication of how accessible your sites are.

For more tools and testing hints and tips, check out the wiki at The Software Testing Club.

Alan Richardson also sent me a link to a post he had done on browser add-ons over at Evil Tester.

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