Pearls of Wisdom

I’ve been doing a little experiment with how to Visualise the vast array of testing information out there on the web using a tool call Pearltrees. I’ve embedded my trial Pearltree in this post to share the idea.

For a massive selection of Testing Feeds I would check out The Software Testing Clubs feed list – it’s mega massive and very very useful.

This Pearltree here is a selection of some posts and sites I have found useful over the last few months. The link to the Pearl tree is here.

I’ve tried to seperate the pearls by rough area like Testing, Accessibility etc but some resources will exist in more than one group and there is no way I have got the grouping right. It’s not meant to be exhaustive, but more an experiment in data visualisation. It’s a good playground for those wanting to seek out some new sources of news and inspirations. I don’t pretend to have a definitive list and I don’t expect everyone to find the Pearltrees useful or insightful, but it’s a way of trying out new tools and ideas. In a world where we have more data than we can shake a stick at, it’s good to experiment with ways to overload information overload and ways to represent data in a fun and interesting way.

Here’s a very quick video outlining the basic navigation

As usual, let me know what you think and for a very comprehensive set of feeds head over to the Testing Club