#Openvolcano10 – My thoughts

Better late than never comes a few words from me about the #OpenVolcano10. I know many people have already blogged about it – search twitter for #openvolcano10. A big thanks to the sponsors: Paul Dolman-Darrall, iMeta, Emergent Behaviour, XTC, JetBrains, RiverGlide, SkillsMatter and to Roy Osherove for masterminding it. Loads of other people helped make it possible too and apologies for not mentioning you all.

First things first. Openvolcano10 was probably one of the best 1 day event I have ever been to and it only took a few days to organise and sell out. Genius. It just shows the power of strong willed individuals utilising social media tools and the power of word of mouth. Great things can happen spontaneously. The attendee list was impressive and it read like a who’s who of the agile and development world with Bob Martin, Jeff Sutherland, Roy Osherove, Tom Gilb and many others.

I must admit I feel quite lucky to have attended the event and thankful to all who sponsored for making the event free.

Rachel Davies facilitated the event expertly and made the whole day flow nicely indeed.

Throughout the day I attended sessions on The Future of Acceptance Test Driven Development, How Damaging is the Agile Certification Programme, Lightening Talks (mini talks), Rightshifting and Holes in Agile. I enjoyed the format and with such an exceptional group of people together it made the discussions lively indeed.

There were some very interesting people there too who I will be keeping my eye on for new content and cool thinking.

I made some observations during the day too about the agile community. I’ll be mulling these over and putting together some more posts in the future. I see another “tester types” style analysis coming on.

I’ve not really had the time to do one of my usual comprehensive blogs but many others have blogged too. I might put down some more comprehensive thoughts some time soon.