Nordic Testing Days – The next big event?

I had the pleasure of attending Nordic Testing Days in Estonia last week. Two of my team, Dan Billing (@thetestdoctor) and Raji Bhamidipati (@peppytester) were speaking at the event so I tagged along to support them. And they did an awesome job – well done.

Should you go to the conference next year?

It was great.

2014-06-06 11.06.24
In Raji’s session on note taking
Dan Billing mingling with the organisors
Dan Billing mingling with the organisors


The Pros:

Estonia! – What a fabulous country to attend a conference in. The City of Tallinn was beautiful and the old town is a must see. For some photos of Tallinn visit my Google+ photos here

The organisation – it was a very well organised conference. The team behind it are a great laugh and worked really hard before and during the event – it went very smoothly indeed. They are passionate about delivering an outstanding conference and it shows in how good the conference was.

The speakers – what a good line up. The events website lists them all but the highlights for me were Stephen Janaway, Raji and Dan obviously!, Matt Heusser and Pete Walen keynote and Gitte Ottosen.

What I liked about Nordic Testing Days was that it was a “Context Driven” focused event that celebrated and encouraged discussion about interesting ways of working; it felt very much community based. It didn’t feel like I’d stepped in to a private club of context driven testers who were unwilling to listen to others people’s contexts unlike some events have started to feel recently.

The Venue – the venue was exceptional. It was clean, well staffed and very modern. Bizarrely enough the wifi even worked well (unheard of for most conferences) and the conference rooms were all close together keeping the crowds mingling.

The Entertainment and Conversations – There was a nice meal and some food after the first main day of the conference. There was also a bartender doing tricks and a comedian. The Old Town in Tallinn is amazing and lots of good conversations about testing were had in the bars on the main square.

For a short video of the bartender:

The Cons:

No conference is ever perfect but Nordic Testing Days was very close in my experience.

The Food – there didn’t seem to be enough food and it took ages to get what food there was. There was also very little choice for vegetarians meaning some people were left eating just salad for two days.

The purchasing of tickets – It took me ages to get the tickets bought. I didn’t seem to find a way to buy the ticket online via a credit card so had to work with invoices and money transfers. There needs to be a simple and easy way for someone to sign up and then pay for the event.


Nordic Testing Days felt like the early years of Agile Testing Days where people were coming together to create an event based around enthusiasm and a new way of talking about testing.

I have a strong feeling Nordic Testing Days will keep their momentum as the people behind the event are driven, focused, ambitious, talented and intent on creating the best testing conference on the planet. If this years event is anything to go by then expect Nordic Testing Days to become an event that will be the highlight of your testing calendar.

2 thoughts to “Nordic Testing Days – The next big event?”

  1. Rob, thanks for the nice and candid comments! The organizers feel exactly the same way! Nordict Testing Days aims to be THE CONFERENCE of testing.

    Sorry about the food – the hotel staff did their best to satisfy the hunger of record number of participants. To be honest, no one had to leave hungry if they had the patience to wait for a refill at the counter. We’ve alerted the catering about the shortcoming and will continue improving!

    I’m sure, we’ll figure something more smooth out for next year re: tickets!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the response Kaspar – I think the food was a timing issue but I guess the comms around it weren’t clear that more food was on its way. It would be good to make it quick and easy to buy tickets 🙂

      I’m looking forward to next year 🙂


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