Nordic Testing Days = Awesome

There are lots of conferences now in the software testing and delivery industry. In fact, there are far too many for most people to ever make it to. With limited budgets and restricted time many people have to make the hard choice between attending just a handful of conferences.

I believe Nordic Testing Days should be one of those event you definitely try to get to.

This was my second year running and it was epic.

To be fair, I am biased, I was one of the many Keynote speakers, but my view still stands – it’s a great event.

I was lucky enough to do a tutorial and a Keynote and I thoroughly enjoyed both. So a big thank you to Helena and Grete and all of the team behind Nordic Testing Days – you’ve created something really special.

My Keynote slides are on Slide Share here, and embedded in this post below.

I got to meet a number of people I’ve only known via Social Media – as does happen at almost every conference – but it was a highlight meeting for the first time Santosh Tuppad, Ilari Henrik Aegerter, Katrina Clokie, Erik Brickarp, Adam Howard and Ben Kelly.

I only managed to get a small section of the room in from my usual stage photo.

The Keynote View
The Keynote View – Middle Section


More Photos

There was some merriment to be had, but due to speaking on the last day I took it easy. Very few “just one more drink” statements from me this year 🙂

Tallinn Night Life
The Test Doctor and Toby The Tester…..drinking


Tallinn, Estonia is a wonderful place to visit when at the conference.

I think this adds a huge dimension to the conference.

The conference is right next to the city’s old town so it’s great to nip out for a walk, something to eat or “one more drink”.


Testers in Tallinn
Santosh Tuppad, Richard Bradshaw, Helena Jeret-Mäe, Dan Billing, Stephen Janaway and Rob Sabourin

We were staying in the Hotel Viru which has a strong connection with the KGB. Here are the conference speakers having a short guided tour of the roof top listening post.

KGB Tour
KGB Tour

Here’s the view from the rooftop of the hotel. It was raining that day.


Rooftop View
Rooftop View

Slides From The Presentation

Here are my slides


Video Of The Presentation

Here is my video Keynote.


Other Links

Link Nordic Testing Days Website

Some more of my photos from Estonia

You can find some more photos from Nordic Testing Days here.

Camera Configuration for photos in this post, and Tallinn photo albums – Ricoh GR