Moving to Weekly Releases – Webinar

On 25th March I’ll be doing a webinar for EuroSTAR.


The webinar is entitled “Moving to weekly releases” and instead of repeating the presentation I delivered at EuroSTAR last year I thought I would open this topic up early for questions – that way I can tailor the webinar to try and answer some typical questions around this topic.

So here’s the basic outline I’ll cover:

  • We took our deployment lifecycle from 8 months to 1 week in about 1 year.
  • I stopped using any sort of test completion metric as a marker for done/not done or coverage (pictured)
  • We made testing the centre of everything.
  • We adopted lots of automation.
  • We started using metrics to help us test.
  • We put out lots of fires that most people run away from. (We went around a few also, and bought some fire proof suits).

It was a hard journey and many of us still wear the battle scars.

I’ll be walking through some of the reasons why this change was possible, some of the changes we made and some of the challenges we faced.

If you’d like me to focus on specific areas or have specific questions I can cover off then please do get in touch via Twitter @rob_lambert or email me :