Moving to weekly releases – presentation at Test and Verification Conference

At EuroSTAR 2014 I delivered one of the Keynotes and it was about our time when we were moving to weekly releases.

It focused around how our testing changed, how we made the change and how we relied, and still rely, on lots of data to make releasing as safe as possible for our customers.

I delivered the same talk last week at the Test And Verification Conference in Bristol.

The slides for the talk are on Slide Share, and embedded below.

The Test And Verification conference is growing in size.

I think there were 130 attendees (in person and remote) in the end which is pretty good.

It was a good mix of talks, a lot of them about the embedded and safety critical industry.

The conference was really well run and it went smoothly. Great organisation from Sara and Jim and co at TVS.

I learned a lot also – my assumptions about compliance and testing were greatly challenged and I’ll be posting a little about this over the next few months.

Overall – interesting conference – one to stick in your calendar.