Mastering Testing


In the Testing world, as in any other domain, there are those who are passionate about their work, those who go to work to get paid and those who just don’t care (and a number of people at varying points on this extreme sliding scale). Scarily I see a significant number of people looking for the quick win approach to obtaining skills and excellence in testing.


In reality there is no way anyone will ever attain complete mastery. There is always more to learn. But to not even head down the path to this elusive mastery is sad. To think you can attain mastery through short cuts, certifications and snake oil training courses is tragic.


To obtain excellence and to head down the path towards mastery will mean different things to different people, but I’m fairly sure that it’s only ever attainable through hard work, practice and more practice. Or is that just a little old fashioned?


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One thought on “Mastering Testing

  1. “Practice makes perfect!”, “Hard graft” All these adages considered old still stand true, i believe, in every aspect of life.The key is the attitude, and whether you enjoy your craft. Having the enthusiasm and willing to do better makes the graft non-existent. That’s not that the hard work does not exist, if you take pride in what you do and where you’re going professionally the chores become enjoyable. Learning becomes something to crave.When you think you know everything and there’s nothing more to learn, you’ve lost.

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