London Testers Gathering


I had an absolute blast at the London Testers Gathering organised by Tony Bruce. Great bunch of peeps who love to talk testing. Enjoyed The Testing Geeks presentation on which looks really interesting. I was scooting around the site this evening and it looks very interesting indeed. Head on over to check it out :

It was also the first time that I got to see the Testing Planet printed version and I am really stoked with it. It looks fantastic printed out in newspaper style. It really is something very different. Love it. Digital version out soon.

If you want to get your hands on a copy then head over to :

Or you can check out issue 1 of The Software Testing Club magazine :

I was also fielding a lot of questions about the Tester Types and who/what they are. Well, you’ll find them here with a load of other cool content from the STC :

I’d suggest that if you get the chance to get along to one of these events you jump at it. Drinks, food and testing.


5 thoughts to “London Testers Gathering”

  1. It was most excellent and bodacious that both you and Rosie could make it and brought along copies of The Testing Planet!Glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you at more.

  2. Tony,I feel like I wanna watch Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure now. Bodacious time had by all.ThanksRob..

  3. Good write-up, Rob. It was a great evening; I thoroughly enjoyed talking to other testers too! I’ll blog later on lessons I learned for testing from my day exploring two of London’s Courthouses. We can learn much from each other (as events such as Thursday night proves) but it is also good to expand our knowledge by observing the way craftspeople and professionals from other disciplines go about their business.”The Testing Planet” has come out really well and was great reading material for my train journey yesterday!

  4. Hi Stephen,Thanks for the comments. It was indeed a good night. Good to see you again.Rob..

  5. I forgot to say for those interested in finding out more about the London Tester Gatherings there is a Linkedin Grp you can join.

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