Keeping me busy this week

There are lots of great sites out there aggregating testing posts and giving you a curated view of the world of testing. I’m not going to reproduce that.

Instead I’m going to share with you some links that have kept me busy this week. Some are test related but others are related to topics I, as a tester and manager, find interesting. You might too.

This will be a weekly series. Enjoy.

What’s been keeping me busy this week?

I’m getting a little hooked on FEO (Front End Optimisation).

Old post but interesting to see what metrics other companies are gathering on their stack, product and user experience. Here’s one from Astrid.

For those freaks like me who are obsessed with notebooks and scraps, Brain Pickings have some good insights in to those notes the famous.

Career advice by Chris Stevens of Keurig via Prof. Michael Roberto.

Putting People First (Experientia) brought my attention to an interesting report on how teachers are using tech in the classroom.

Hacker 10 is a great site for security information, advice and tools insights.

More from Putting People First, this time around computers being able to detect all lies and how this will impact a society who’s cultural norms embrace those little lies.

Alan Richardson (Evil Tester) is running his Selenium courses on Udemy