Keeping me busy this week

What’s been keeping me busy this week?

Sherlock Holmes can help you multitask – Via John Stevenson.

An old one but a good read – The 10 Golden Rules of Leadership for recruiters.

19 Qualities any teacher should posses – for anyone wanting to move beyond their role of tester to start teaching it

Interesting to read about The drayfuss model of learning. (wikipedia link)

Public speaking tips for introverts from Duarte

Loads of great articles and links on creativity at  – Via John Stevenson.

For those running a MAC Keka is a good zip/archiving tool.

The Dark Side of employee awards by Prof Michael Roberto

Really interesting article on the disappearing interface. Via Experientia

Are household appliances becoming too complicated. Could we say the same for the products we work on? Via The Guardian.

How often as a hiring manager do you get really good questions asked by the candidates? Some interesting questions here via Prof Michael Roberto.