Just making an observation part 1

I can’t help but wonder why so many people feel so passionately about their organisations appraisal process yet are accepting of long feedback cycles in project work? I see too many similarities

Why do we hate one yet are accepting of the other when in reality they exhibit the same problems? Do we enjoy working for so long with no-one offering any feedback? Do we enjoy derailing projects? Do we enjoy seeing misery and anguish on the face of management the week before release? Do we enjoy the pressure of being the bottleneck with only days to go? I know the answer is “YES!” for some.

Long feedback cycles…….vague goals aimed at being relevant over a long and changing period of time…..last minute feedback…..no time to make changes…

I know I prefer the regular feedback cycle of the new wave of appraisal schemes (not new wave to some…) and the regular feedback cycle that agile offers me and the team. I guess I just like to know where I, my career and the project stand.

Just making an observation that’s all……:)