Just badness

When we test, we often point out the bad, the negative, the superflous, the deranged, the obsolete, the missing, the obvious, the truth..and for that we often receive some pretty bad press. We are seen as negative. The quality police. The pain in the backside.

Let’s not get too blinded by the bad side of the product though. Let’s also notice the good stuff and shout about what’s great. If we feedback on the good and the bad we give a more balanced view. We add confirmation to certain ways of working, ideas or implementations. We could even have a positive effect on moral.

Why not give it a go and let me know. Do you report the good stuff also?

6 thoughts to “Just badness”

  1. During the last year I started to practice the habit of reporting the good stuff by giving a bit of praise to the developers or project managers when a tough problem was finally solved or a cool feature was added to the product etc.. I feel it has had a positive impact.

  2. Hi,Excellent news. Good to see people aren’t afraid to share the good with the bad.Thanks for commentingRob..

  3. I’ve thought about this a lot too. On my last project we used a chatroom to communicate within the team, and I gave feedback on whatever I found as I explored the feature. I tried to keep a balance of positive and negative feedback. The developers seemed to really appreciate it. I didn’t find it too difficult because I was genuinely impressed with what they’d done, so it was just a matter of letting them know.

  4. Hi Trish,Thanks for commenting. It’s great to see many people doing this in their work places and good to see so many people getting positive results from it.CheersRob..

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