A big thanks to Paul Gerrard and Susan Windsor for organising yesterdays UK Test Management Forum in London. Also a big thanks to the sponsors for the event; SQS UK, Original Software and Tricentis Technology & Consulting

It was a cracking turn out with about 100 people there. Great to see so many familiar faces but also lots of new faces too.

Paul started the afternoon with news of the merger between his company, Gerrard Consulting, and Susan Windsor’s company, WMHL. They are keeping the Gerrard Consulting name and are looking to expand in to the main stage of the consulting world. They both talked about a new tool called Testela which sounded interesting. Looking forward to finding out more when it’s released.

BTW – Stephen Hill’s blog is an excellent write up of the afternoon…here, so I wont do any more other than to include some photos.

There was a lot to agree with and a lot to disagree with about Jonathan Pearson’s talk on “The Dark Side of Application Quality Management Ten Black Holes to Avoid For Successful Application Delivery” Some lively discussions took place around metrics and agile and many other topics. Jonathon also remained dressed as Obi Wan for the entire talk. Impressive. I must admit that their tool is looking increasingly like a tool capable of satisfying many needs within the testing community. It appears to be flexible, incredibly extensible and doesn’t empose restrictions on how and what methodology or approach you can take. It’s also got support for exploratory testing, which sounds very interesting indeed.


Second up for me was James Wilson. I worked with James many years ago and his topic of choice was very interesting. Why is testing in an Agile with Scrum environment hard? (And what can we do about it?)

It was one of the best discussions I’ve had for a long time. The presentation essentially got hijacked but there were some interesting ideas put forward about how to run soak tests in short sprints and how to manage the quality of your release, when time and cost are fixed. Good stuff.


As usual, some after conference drinks 🙂