iPads and Testing

We’ve just taken delivery of a couple of iPads for Testing and Development.

Whilst setting them up I wondered what sort of apps and tools other people use on them for their Testing.

At the moment we’ve got them set up for getting stuff on and off them quickly, so they have email accounts each and they share a Dropbox and Evernote account between them. (Some of us use Evernote for ET notes).

We’ve set up autoupload of images to Dropbox (for screenshots) and set up suitable sharing so we can see the notes and files arrive on our machines almost immediately.

There are a few good apps for monitoring systems and applications but I’ve not yet found anything else in the app store that I think would be great for our testing.

What are other people using? Anything?

2 thoughts to “iPads and Testing”

  1. Hi Rob,

    Some of the apps I use in and around the testing sphere include:

    – Evernote
    – Wunderlist (good cloud synching capability and access across devices)
    – iThoughtsHD (nice mind mapping tool with export capabilities to formats for Freemind, Xmind, Mindmanager, PDF, PNG, etc.)
    – SimpleMind (aesthetically pleasing mind mapping tool but limited options for export)
    – Drafts (great for taking notes. Nice clean, crisp presentation options and integration with Dropbox and Evernote)
    – Kindle (I have a raft of testing eBooks that I reference a lot)
    – FeeddlerPro (To read my list of testing blogs, including your good self)
    – TuneIn Radio (Music while you test)
    – Skype (Blether while you test)

    The iPad is essentially a consumption device so the productivity apps that tend to take my attention are those that allow me to easily export data to and from it, given the absence of a USB.

    Sometimes it’s a useful adjunct to testing but not always.

    (From my iPad)

    1. Hi Del,

      Great list. On my personal iPad I have pretty much the same stuff. Some of our customers are starting to use it to manage their dashboards and call centres so we’ve started pushing on to it. It’s going to be great for them, just needing some tools to help us test on it!


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