I’ll show you mine…….

Inspired by a post by Michelle Smith about what’s on her walls when she is working I thought I’d open something up to the testing community and see if we can’t get some insights in to testers workspaces going. To continue the mantle from Michelle I’ve posted some pictures of my walls and home office. I work from an office at New Voice Media but when I’m at home writing blogs yada yada this is my inspiration.

Mine, it would appear, is not quite as neatly laid out or as decorative as Michelle’s and I couldn’t photograph the whole study as I have a bath side panel, some tiles and my DIY tool kits laid out…I must find some time to fix that bathroom.

I’m a big fan of the NBA. I’m not entirely sure how I got in to it, because here in the UK it’s by no means a popular sport but I’m a fan none-the-less. I was also lucky enough to get to see a NBA match when I was in New York a few years back. It was excellent. The game itself was poor but the atmosphere was fantastic. Nicks versus Golden State Warriors……

Here in Britain it’s got some core followers but it barely registers in the newspaper and you’d be hard pushed to find someone to talk to about basketball. Although you can’t see in this picture, but the NBA image is made up of lots of little images of basketball players from the past. Also some modern art from my son 🙂



A map of the British Isles. I find it intriguing that many people in Britain are striving to explore the world and dismiss Great Britain as boring and dull. One look at this map and it’s clear I haven’t explored 99% of the British Isles so I can’t join them in saying it’s boring and dull.


And some books.


So why not upload your photos to flickr and tag them with “softwaretestingclub” so we can collate them together, maybe for a funky ebook. Maybe just as an experiment.