How do you take notes? Want to share it?

As some of you may know I’ve been doing some on and off research over the last five years on note taking.

I’ve been interviewing people, gathering notes, observing people and studying about note taking.

I’m bringing all of this together in an upcoming book. The book will be released next year via Lean Pub and the chapters on note taking will be free for all. These chapters will also be published online along with some of the research.

Testing Notes
Testing Notes

It seems that note taking is something that many people have an interest in and everyone does. As such I thought it may be interesting for testers to share their notes and their ideas via some social channels.

This is a very fluid social project and may fall on its backside before the week is out but let’s see if we can get some traction. It’s always interesting to learn how other testers take notes and what their notes look like – let’s see if we can share some of these ideas for our community.

A word of caution – if you do take part in this and share your notes publicly then appreciate that these notes are open for all to see. So be careful about product related information, web addresses, intellectual property, credentials and project sensitive information. It is your responsibility to share only things you don’t mind being in the public domain.

Feel free to fill the feeds with notes from testing, notes from meetings, notes from conferences, study notes, learning notes, ideas notes and anything else you feel qualifies in any way shape or form as a testing notes.

Notes from conferences are always good to read but so too are your thoughts on note taking as well as links to cool note taking resources.

What is a note?

A mind map, a post-it note scribble, an A4 essay, a note scribbled on your hand, Evernote notes, Pinterest pins, sketch notes, word docs, notepad++ notes, drawings, doodles, short hand, pictures, whiteboard sessions, tweets…..anything really.

Note taking is very personally and we often use more than one system for note taking so there really is no way to truly frame what note taking is. By sharing your own note taking and seeing other people’s we can all expand our thinking about what note taking is or isn’t.

Notes can be about the product you are testing, an idea, a video you’ve just watched, a requirements kick off meeting or anything else.

Where to post?

Anywhere. Just please let me know what channels you’re posting to and I can update this post with details of where to look.

Right now here’s some ideas on where to share.


Simply post images, thoughts, cool resources etc on Twitter using the hashtag #swtestingnotes


Simply post your images to Instagram using #swtestingnotes


I have created a Flickr group which you can share your photos in:

Anywhere else?

If there is enough interest (hint leave a comment on this post or get in touch via Twitter) then we can also get a community on Google+ set up.

If you do a blog post with testing notes then simply post your link out via any channel above and it will get picked up.

Can I see all of this content in one place?

I’m looking in to ways to aggregate it all together. First let’s see if we can get some sharing going on.

Go Post

That’s it for now. Go ahead and post. And use the #swtestingnotes

It could become a great resource for understanding how note taking is done by other testers.

NOTE: Please be careful not to post anything that is sensitive to you, your company or your product. I cannot be held accountable for you posting something public that shouldn’t be made public.

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