Getting a grip on exploratory testing

Last week we had the pleasure of inviting James Lyndsay to our offices in rainy Basingstoke for a two day course on “getting a grip on Exploratory Testing”.

The whole test team were there for the two days and we worked through a number of elements of Exploratory Testing, right from time managements and focus to techniques and approaches. James is incredibly knowledgeable and his experience was tapped by the team for the two days.

Each of the team took away a number of insights, but here are my own personal observations:

  • I focus very heavily on the user and their experience of using software
  • I also tend to visualise the problem and walk through it often randomly
  • I also focus heavily on any claims made in any documents, guidance or specifications.
  • The team all approach the same problem in subtly different ways. This is a good thing.
  • Knowing how long we have to test is crucial. It changes our approaches and styles.
  • My approach of using Mind Maps for planning and documenting is a style that works well for me, but not always for others.
  • I tend to use a different map for different problems. I use mind maps, tables, doodles and general free form notes. I also tend to scrap a map if it’s not working.
  • Our judgements on what is an issue and where to focus testing differ between people even in the same business. What I see as issue – other might not and vice versa. This highlights the need to understand your target audience; something we’ve been working hard at here.
  • I need to work on my “straying” from charter. I often get too involved in side paths which are not on charter. This is not always a bad thing but I need to be mindful of it.
  • I often explore the application to drive out charters and ideas for further testing as a form of planning
  • We need to instigate more exploratory testing debriefs

The two day course was insightful, very well delivered and fun. There were lots of hands-on practicals and James tailored the content for our needs here at NewVoiceMedia. Overall it was a great two days and I know the team very much enjoyed it. We just need to put our learnings in to practice, something I am already seeing the guys doing.

Here’s James’ website with course details.

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