EuroSTAR – Star – Paul Gerrard

This is a short series leading up to Christmas where I feature a tester that was at EuroSTAR 2014, who I personally believe you, my readers, will benefit from knowing.

The last tester in this short series before Christmas is Paul Gerrard.

Paul Gerrard at EuroSTAR 2014
Paul Gerrard at EuroSTAR 2014

For those that don’t know – Paul Gerrard was conference chair at this years EuroSTAR conference – so we have Paul, and his excellent conference team, to thank for the content we enjoyed at EuroSTAR.

I’ve known Paul for years now, mostly through his excellent UKTMF event in London each quarter. Paul is very active in the testing community; he’s published many books, speaks at conferences, runs a consultancy business, organises events and is contributing greatly to our industry.

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